When I was Amish

When I was Amish - the story behind the story

Growing up near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, most weekends were spent going to the Amish markets for whoopie and shoefly pies. I always had a strange fascination and respect for the Amish way of life. Even my first major crush was on an Amish boy after I saw him working on our neighbor's barn. When I had the opportunity to meet Mose and his family in Southern Delaware, I couldn't imagine what was about to happen. Being welcomed into their home was enough satisfaction for me, was it possible to experience more?! They graciously agreed to let me spend some time with them taking pictures. However, when I pointed the camera in their direction, they would quickly turn the opposite direction. And then something unexpected happened. The daughters dressed me up in their clothes, bonnet and all. Suddenly everyone relaxed. The camera didn't seem to be an issue anymore, I was like them now. Even the father upon first seeing me dressed up said, "I didn't know I had another daugher!" I rode in their horse and buggy to visit the local Amish school and afterwards we stopped at a WaWa for a slushy. I am so grateful for Mose and his family for indulging me.

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